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Youth JKD Program

JHO BOUN MARTIAL ARTS Youth JKD Program uses the fundamentals of the JKD System

along with following many of it's philosophy for the entire program.  We combine these


teachings with other forms of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Combat Hapkido, Filipino

Kali, Panuntukan, Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing styles, in a youth format.  

  • Our Youth JKD "LITTLE DRAGON" Program is for students 4.5 to 8.5 years old.

  • Our Youth JKD "BIG DRAGON" Program is for students 9 to15 years old. 

JKD stands for Jeet Kune Do.  This form was popularized by it's legendary founder Bruce Lee.

This program is more than just traditional Karate!  The students also have the chance to use the infamous Wing Chun Wooden Dummy to practice on their moves.  The students are partnered up with fellow students to be able to apply learned moves, while using pads, to mimic real life strikes.

The students are given a Manual that contain their curriculum. They study, follow, and use this as their guide throughout their journey with us at Jho Boun Martial Arts.  We use the Belt System to measure skill level.  Progression in skill level is measured by periodically testing.  The student's knowledge and application is measured through each expected level with the goal of passing the Belt Test.

We offer FREE PADDED WEAPONS CLASS as part of our youth classes.  

JBMA offers a FREE SPARRING CLASS.  This provides the student the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class in a padded session that mocks combat.  This application along with the provided structured learning help to develop a well rounded martial artist who is setup to do well in real life situations.

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Youth JKD Program Proven Results and Expectations:


  • Respect

  • Strength

  • Discipline

  • Self Confidence

  • Sports Conditioning

  • Heightened Awareness

  • Weight Loss and Wellness

  • Compliance to a Structured Environment

Weapons Class:

Our Weapons Classes is offered with your JBMA enrollment. These classes are used as an enhancement to your JKD skills.

We provide specialized training. Everyone should bring their helmet, weapons, groin protection and mouthpiece.

Weapons Training is available in the following:
  • Padded Swords

  • Padded Nunchakus

  • Padded and Wooden Stick

  • Sifu Eric has devise a system that utilize
    effective stikes and blocks use for Self Defense,Tournament use and Zombie elimination!.

 Call Us Today!  Phone:(708)-415-4077 or (815)-485-5701

  Address: 1317 S. Schoolhouse Road Unit 3, New Lenox Illinois 60451

  (New Lenox is a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois)

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