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What is 12 Rounds?

The 12 Rounds Program was created in Jho Boun Martial Arts by its owner and head Sifu(Instructor), Jho.  It is Muay Thai Kickboxing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) . There are two components to the system.


*The first component is 12Rounds INDIVIDUAL KickboxingTraining, whereby, the student transitions from station to station performing fat burning moves pre-assigned by the instructor.


*The second component is 12Rounds GROUP Kickboxing Training.  This provides the student an opportunity to have access to structured exercise with self driven strength and effort.  It is not an on-the-hour kind of class, yet, the participant can enjoy the option of experiencing the energy from an hour group class.

*This program, in essence, is an individual circuit workout that provides the choice of attending group kickboxing classes.  12 Rounds develops the student's body, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, reaction time, technique, and reflexes.  It also creates strong minded individuals who exude confidence and control. 

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Who is it for?

For anyone who loves Martial Arts

For Martial Artists who wants to diversify their training

For Fighters who neglect their cardio

For people who are tired of just lifting weights

For anyone who wants to get more body definition

For individuals trying to lose weight

For those who need a jump start to a healthier lifestyle

For someone interested in learning self-defense

For anybody who just want to try it for no specific reason at all!

What makes the program different from other kickboxing classes?

Jho Boun Martial Arts is a Martial Arts School and is owned by a Martial Artist.  The instructors pride themselves of being certified in multiple forms of Martial Arts.   This provides them the opportunity to teach their students accurate and effective movement when engaging in kickboxing.  This program is composed of real kickboxing moves versus commercialized or franchised kickboxing.  It is not conducted by dancers, fighters, boxers or personal trainers. It is taught and formulated by trained and specialized martial artists.

 Call Us Today!  Phone:(708)-415-4077 or (815)-485-5701

  Address: 1317 S. Schoolhouse Road Unit 3, New Lenox Illinois 60451

  (New Lenox is a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois)

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