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Private Sessions / Personal Training

Our instructors provide a HIGH LEVEL of personal training with the goal of achieving your fitness goals.  They are DEDICATED, educated, and masters in their field of expertise.  They offer an unmatched level of EXPERIENCE that make them a step above the average trainer.

Our Private Sessions are not provided by dancers, cage/ring fighters, or recently certified personal trainers. They are trained and specialized martial artists.

They play an ACTIVE ROLE during private sessions.  They perform exercises and motivate you for additional energy and do not merely tell you what to do.   

Each student gets a CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT ROUTINE that is tailored to lead you to succeed in reaching your target wellness.  This opportunity is for trainees at all levels of fitness.  Our students range from 8 years old to over 70 years old.  They come with varying reasons for committing to join our Personal Trainers in enhancing their lifestyle and helping them get to their best overall person.  

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Testimonial #1

At age 41, I was a little nervous about starting something new like MMA.  My personal lessons with Jho are not only fun & challenging but to see a big difference in muscle tone around my mid section, legs, and upper body has me in the gym training with Jho 4 to 5 times a week.

- Michelle L., Monee

Testimonial #2

I am a petite female and searched for a long time for effective and practical self-defense training to protect myself.  I have tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga, but my private training with Sifu Jho at JBMA has been the best yet!  Not only has Sifu Jho greatly improved my techniques, but he has also trained me (to) THINK like a fighter in real-life scenarios.  I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to learn practical self-defense!

- Anna B., Frankfort

Testimonial #3

I'm a 71 year old retired pediatrician.  Jho is the type of teacher who listens more than talks.  He drills down on what you need and what you want.  Excellent training.  Highly recommended.

- Dr. John K., 

 Call Us Today!  Phone:(708)-415-4077 or (815)-485-5701

  Address: 1317 S. Schoolhouse Road Unit 3, New Lenox Illinois 60451

  (New Lenox is a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois)

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