Sifu Anthony Velut

Sifu Anthony VelutSifu Anthony Velut started studying Jeet Kune Do with Sifu Jho in 1997. He received instructor certification in 2003. His training also includes Combat Kempo, Muay Thai, Self-Defense techniques, Jui Jitsu, and MMA.

He is a certified personal fitness trainer and a Group Fitness instructor. Anthony Velut is the owner of AV personal training and is educated in weight loss, strength training, conditioning, competition training and overall wellness.

He has been teaching at JBMA since 2003. Sifu Anthony teaches youth classes, adult JKD and MMA. He also teaches Women’s Self Defense seminars.

Sifu Anthony’s emphasis is to teach Jeet Kune Do the proper way and to have his students understand the philosophies and the systems that JBMA teaches. Competing in MMA and Jiu Jitsu tournaments has taught him that nothing comes easy. You must work hard, train hard, and have a clear mind and soul.

Martial Arts and Fitness has made him a better person and encouraged him to work hard in life to become everything he is today.