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Youth sparring

“Using no way as a way, using no limitations as a limitation.”
Bruce Lee

Next Dragons Weapons Classes

Saturday May 21 and June 18

Special Adult/Teen Weapons

Saturday, May 21
Noon to 1:00 pm

JBMA Summer Party

June 25 at 2pm
Main Park Pavilion in Frankfort


A sign-up sheet will be posted.

Interested in Martial Arts Classes?

Call today to speak to one of our instructors or arrange for a tour and to watch a class in session.

No Long term contracts required.

Call 815-485-5701

Jho Boun Martial Arts

JBMA is a Martial Arts School Located in New Lenox IL – a Southwest Suburb of Chicago.

JBMA has been around for over 10 years with over 30 years of combined experience and training between the instructors. Jho Boun Martial Arts instruction combines arts such as Combat Kempo, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do.

JBMA uses the JKD system and philosophy for its entire program. The teaching of Jeet Kune Do combined with the other arts will develop a well rounded martial artist.

JBMA offers: